Advanced Equipment Systems LLC

1000 Ton Shear Handling System 1000 Ton Shear Handling System
Hot Shear and Custom Bar Handling System with Cooling
1000 Ton Hydraulic Bar Shear
75 Ton Horizontal Shear
  1. Advanced Equipment Systems (AES) was founded to specialize in the manufacture and remanufacture of hydraulic bar shear systems.

  2. Developed the most state-of-the-art bar shear system in collaboration with Erie Press Systems.

  3. AES acquired Automation Development Corporation (ADC). ADC was a leader in long steel product handling systems, including its patented bar unscrambler.

  4. AES designs and manufactures its most comprehensive project to date integrating six manufacturing processes. The line is still fully functional today

  5. Expanded its engineering department to broaden its custom material handling design capabilities.

  6. AES acquires SLUGGER, giving the company the broadest selection of bar shears in the U.S.

  7. AES is a multifaceted engineering and manufacturing company for the metals, metals fabrication, and forging markets.

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